Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps Nest Removal

At this time of year wasps nests are at a size where tackling them without professional help is extremely dangerous.

To treat a nest all we need is to see the entrance to it and even if it is a roof level we rarely need ladders.

Treatments take approximately 20 minutes and after 2 hours (to allow foraging wasps to return) the nest will be dead, if you see wasps 48 hours after we have visited we will return for free to ensure the treatment has been effective.

This year the nest sizes have been unpredictable following the cool spring with some nests being the size we would expect in early July with others the size we would expect to see in late September and extremely dangerous. These larger nests often find themselves short of space to grow and can start chewing through plasterboard to make more room, this is often preceded by a chewing noise similar to Rice Krispies.

Often people are wrongly advised to leave nests as the workers die with the first frost however it is this late stage of the year when a nest will produce Queen wasps for next year with each nest producing around 20 Queens. These hibernate and next spring go looking for similar places to live in the existing building or neighbouring properties and so we always advise the treatment of nests to reduce the chances of you suffering more nests next year.

If you need our help please call or see our Book Appointment page to book an appointment.

A Fair Price for Good Work

Believe it or not some pest control companies charge even if they are unsuccessful!

We will only charge you for a successful treatment of a nest

Our normal rate is £95*. If you are unlucky enough to have more than one nest in a calendar year we won't charge you any extra as we would rather you remember us for being fair and use us again in future

*This price is based on an average domestic property within 10 miles of our base location, PR9 8ES

Payments accepted