Mole Catching

The Mole Man

The mole man, mole catcher or Mr Mole, we’ve been called them all and many more! Having caught moles across the North West of England and Wales we are prepared to take on jobs of any size.

We offer a specialist mole trapping service covering Southport, Formby, Ormskirk and surrounding areas for the last 35 years.

Using techniques passed through the generations we are experts in mole catching. On the face of it mole catching can appear quite straight forward however this is where the years of experience truly pay off as without it, moles can quickly become trap shy. This leads to additional time and effort required to catch the mole and so should not be attempted without proper training.

We are employed by farmers, schools, football grounds, home owners, golf courses and more to efficiently remove moles from ground to prevent damage.

Call us or send us a message through out contact us page to find out how we can help you prevent further damage to your land.


Believe it or not some pest control companies charge even if they are unsuccessful!

We will only charge you for the moles you ask us to catch, whether it is just 1 or 100.

Our normal rates are Β£40 per visit* and we set a limit of 4 chargeable visits to ensure you only pay a fair amount as why should you pay more because we aren't doing our job well?

*This price is based on an average domestic property within 10 miles of our base location, PR9 8ES

Mole Control Lancashire

Nice before and after of mole hills on field

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