Ants Treatment

Treatment of Ants

It is easy to underestimate the extent of ants nests and so tackling them without professional help is difficult and is often more expensive than getting them treated by us.

To treat a nest all we need is to see the entrance to it or the ants feed trails through your house.

Treatments take approximately 20 minutes and after up to 5 days (to allow foraging ants to relay the treatment to the nest) the nest will be dead, if you see ants the following week after we have visited we will return for free ensure the treatment has been effective.

If you need our help just call or see our Book Appointment page to book an appointment or for free advice call us on the number at the top of the page.

A Fair Price for Good Work

Believe it or not some pest control companies charge even if they are unsuccessful!

We will only charge you for a successful treatment

Our normal rate is £45*.

*This price is based on an average domestic property within 10 miles of our base location, PR9 8ES

Chip & Pin Card Payments Accepted