About Us

Who are we

and why you can trust us

J Alvey Pest Control is a hard working family business established by John Edward Alvey in 1979.

John undertook an apprenticeship with a mole and rabbit catcher from Formby who used to travel across the region on his carrier bike. Having cut his teeth implementing the traditional methods of Pest Control, he got a job with the Local Authority and became a fully qualified Pest Control Officer.

After many years working for the Local Authority it became clear that he had outgrown the confines of working for a corporation and became self employed, establishing J Alvey Pest Control in 1979.

In doing so he became a regional success and excelled using both the traditional and modern methods of Pest Control which has served residents and companies across the North West.

However the success of the business was not only due to the skills of a time served ratman, but his keen eye for good business, honesty, integrity and fundamentally doing right by his customers which has seen the business succeed even through difficult times.

Throughout this time the family orientated nature of the business has seen all members of the family (even the dogs) accompany him on his rounds.

We now enter a new chapter in the story of the business as John is planning his retirement and finding even more time for shooting, fishing and flying his racing pigeons.

However the story continues as Johnโ€™s son is taking the reins of the legacy. John David Alvey (Little John) has decided to follow in his fatherโ€™s footsteps and leave his career in Local Authority having carved a career in Environmental Health. This coupled with a lifelong apprenticeship in Pest Control with Big John shall stand the business in good stead for many years to come embracing the principles of the success so far...